In 1988, Dr. Curt Rhodes founded Questscope, an International NGO

serving at-risk youth in the Middle East. The key to Questscope’s approach was partnering with local community leaders and organizations to identify and address the greatest needs of youth. By enabling community feedback to drive the research and program development, an innovative mentoring model emerged that both empowered youth and transformed the communities.


In 2006, Stefan Van Voorst was introduced to Questscope’s mentoring program on a trip to Amman, Jordan. Experiencing Questscope’s impact through the stories of youth and staff inspired Stefan to implement the same mentoring model in the Twin Cities.


In the summer of 2013, joined the Edina Challenge to create a pilot program for children in need attending Edina Public Schools. The goal was to develop a mentoring program that would provide support to students struggling within the school environment. These conversations were the catalyst for creating One2One. Stefan's program received the support of the Challenge Team and financial support to launch the pilot.


In 2014, the One2One mentors and students finished their first year, meeting at the Southdale YMCA. Look for more postings soon.